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Our comprehensive audit puts our clients in an improved position.



Our high calibre independent consultants are subject matter experts.


Managed Solutions

Trust us to manage your suppliers, enabling you to concentrate on core services.



Delivering cost savings, efficiencies and relationships through effective procurement.


What We're Known For

Print Management

Create a clear print strategy that gives a total view on every aspect.

Postal Management

Independent experts that can be relied upon for ALL  your needs.

Data Analytics

Full view of your suppliers – improve performance, productivity and relationships.

Customer Contact Data

The right person, the right address at the right time.

Direct Mail Specialists

Working with marketing teams – offering key advice and tools – guaranteed results.

Hybrid & Digital Mail

Converting digital data to physical mail or electronic delivery channels.

Document Management

Store, manage and track electronic documents and images of paper based information.

Courier, Express & Parcels (CEP)

As independent specialists you’ll have the optimum distribution carrier in place.

Cost Management

A robust process of planning and controlling costs across your business.


Through a structured approach we provide you with a bespoke service.

Business Intelligence

Using your data to drive performance that ensure smarter business decisions.

E-Commerce Supply Chain

Strategic transformation that creates value, purpose and improvement in your supply chain networks.

Structured approach & methodology

Although many organisations recognise the value of a strategic approach to postal, print, couriers, express, parcels and customer contact data, many organisations continue to take an ad-hoc approach to these areas of operation and thereby cost reduction opportunities and best-fit solutions.

In these organisations, waste is dealt with as isolated incidents; the management of these important areas are often fragmented with little control over particular elements of the expenditure. Although some savings may be delivered through procurement or from time to time via other methods, many opportunities can be over-looked and resources wasted by not looking at the bigger picture.

Altus has a structured, systematic approach to managing these areas and these can be designed and implemented with minimum investment. We are here to help our clients make the right decision and guide them through the entire process.

Just some of the strands or our Audit, Consultancy and Procurement Services that we offer our clients.

Postal Regulation


Altus puts our clients in control of their key areas of operation. We deliver effective and transformational solutions and build service provider relationships, all designed with proven  methodologies to ensure you retain visibility and control.


The key to a successful client / service provider relationship is clarity and understanding for  everyone. Altus provides simple and practical checks to ensure you remain in control to get  the most out of your key areas of operation.


We ensure our clients develop the right solution for their requirements at the right price and at the same time, we enhance relationships between the client and their service providers.

  • Strategic planning
  • Tender toolkits
  • Full tender services
  • Benchmarking
  • Proposition planning
  • Specification building
  • Insight and advice
  • Requirement analysis
  • Benchmarking
  • 360 appraisal
  • Savings validation
  • Contractual compliance
  • Process review
  • Quality review
  • Utilisation review
  • Performance validation
  • Best rates
  • Consolidation
  • Substitution
  • Elimination
  • Change management
  • Supplier management
  • Performance measurement
  • Service improvement

Our insights add value. Our solutions are effective. Our reputation lies in our results.


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