The Two-Minute Print, Postal or Courier RFP Checklist

Use This Checklist When Market Testing Your Print, Postal or Courier Requirements

Gary Sweeney
Gary Sweeney
Postal Audit

Two minutes now could prevent endless frustration later. Before issuing an RFP for your organisation’s print, postal or courier category, make sure you consider these six essential elements.

Have you taken the time to understand?

The print, postal & courier industry is constantly changing – you need to be sure that you are up to speed with new technologies, new products and new regulations.

TIP: Take the time to understand the latest industry developments that have helped similar organisations address these category challenges.

Have you been honest with yourself?

Do you know what excellent service and top-quartile rates look like and that you are not simply comparing existing costs versus future desired costs?

TIP: Be assured your potential supplier is looking to ensure they get appointed on the contract terms that best suits them. They know the margins and ways to increase charges, and they will not let you in on the secret.

How will you get the best RFP responses?

This can be a complex and complicated procurement category. Ensure your RFP has a clear statement of requirements (SoR) to allow a transparent supplier response with less surprises.

TIP: Taking the time to define your SoR clearly will save time during the bid cycle and help when the supplier is operational. There will be fewer surprises for you.

Do you know how to deliver optimisation?

There are several ways to optimise service, deliver maximum savings and control costs. Suppliers will most definitely not always be upfront with you.

TIP: Speak with your counterparts in other organisations using a similar service. They can steer you on how best to optimise these categories without sharing confidentialities. Alternatively, you could have a chat with us to maximise value.

Are you aware of the pitfalls?

Don’t wrap your print, postal & courier requirements into the one RFP. Some suppliers love this, but you lose insight and transparency, and you could be missing out on optimum price.

TIP: Always keep your print, postal & courier costs with different suppliers. You will never achieve the best value, service and price if you allow one supplier to have more than one category.

What is their supplier service model?

Make sure potential suppliers explain how they intend to onboard your organisation or how things will improve if the incumbent is re-appointed. Find out if you’ll have a dedicated account manager or be relegated to a call centre.

TIP: Ask for a formal implementation plan that clearly articulates everything you need. Ensure account managers don’t disappear after the contract is signed. Ask for a commitment to meeting you in person.

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