The E-Commerce explosion, but at what cost?

Gary Sweeney
Gary Sweeney
Postal Regulation

Online retailers and stores have had to rapidly switch to e-commerce to survive and service their customer base through the COVID-19 pandemic. Great news, or is it? What is the actual cost of delivering rapid E-Commerce growth to your business?

Does it cost your business heavily to meet E-Commerce demand?

Retailers who have rapidly expanded their operations to meet demand may not have done this most efficiently and effectively in each area of operation. For example, have supplier contracts been reviewed to reflect increased volumes? Has additional warehousing been obtained on the best terms? Has deploying personnel to assist with the expansion come at a cost to other business areas? When was the last time you completed a 360° appraisal on your operation? Has technology kept pace with the rapidly changing needs, and is it driving positive change? Suppose a business has not considered these questions as they focus on order processing. In that case, there could be spiralling costs that have not been considered and may seriously impact profitability.

This affects more than retailers; suppliers could also be paying a high price of meeting E-Commerce demand.

The same can be asked of logistics service providers, postal operators, and courier companies. These businesses have been forced to increase their capacity to meet demand whilst coming under continual pressure from the retailers to keep their pricing as low as possible. This has proved a serious challenge in the face of rising costs and reduced freight capacity. A shift away from high labour, legacy systems and practices business models is required to meet these needs. A move toward intensive technology operations, with technological innovation empowering the whole process and all scenarios, is needed.

Blockchain and its insight into an authentic chain of custody will, in a relatively short space of time.

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