Still Using Franking Machines in Your Organisation? It’s Time to Change.

Gary Sweeney
Gary Sweeney
Franking Machines

Franking machines are one of the most expensive methods of sending post. Although convenient, stakeholders within organisations don’t truly understand the hidden costs and the savings opportunities of other postal methods. The postal administrations and the franking machine suppliers aren’t keen for you to change away from franking machines because it’s a $45B per year industry!

As independent, impartial print & postal industry experts, Altus is solely working on behalf of our clients or prospects with the ambition to utilise our professional services to reduce their print and postage costs significantly. One way that we do this is by educating our community about franking machine usage.

100 Years Since the First Franking Machine was Manufactured!   

Franking machines (previously postage meters) have been around for more than 100 years. Although they can be convenient, there are much more efficient and less expensive ways to send your post in 2022.

Purpose of this article:

We have written this blog to get you to think about your use of franking machines. Although some procurement specialists and other business resources believe that postage is often a requirement even in the digital transformation age, we at Altus can help you look at things differently. Why? Because our alternative print and postage solutions could drive significant six or even seven-figure recurring savings. 

The Franking Machine Global Industry

Pitney Bowes manufactured the first franking machine in 1920. Since then, several other suppliers have entered the market. The global postal market, specifically the franking machine market, is a global industry that few know much about. 

The Top-Line Numbers are Huge

  • $45bn (yes, billion!) spend globally per annum on postage via franking machines.
  • Franking machine supplier revenues exceeded $10bn in 2019 alone.

Who wants to change away from franking machines? 

Well, I can categorically tell you who doesn’t want you to change. Two main players, the franking machine suppliers and the postal administrations, Royal Mail in the UK.

Why would franking machine suppliers and the postal administrations not want organisations to change?

  • As you credit the machine up-front, the postal administration receives your monies before you even post anything.
  • Using franking machines is the second most expensive way to pay for postage – behind only stamps.
  • The franking machine suppliers typically tie you into 5, or 7-year contracts.
  • The ink required for franking machines is the most expensive ink in the world – did you know it costs on average 3p, or 5¢ per letter, packet, or parcel to attach a postage impression?
  • The franking machine life is often 4 or 5 years; therefore, you need to budget for CAPEX continuously.
  • Complex licenses and contracts from both franking machine suppliers and postal administrations – making it difficult to switch to an alternative mailing solution. 

Two Case Studies

To highlight the value of effective postal optimisation and to illustrate the savings opportunities, we’ve put together two case studies from our recent clients. We work with organisations large and small so we’re sharing the specific details of two projects from varying sizes.

Case Study 1 – Major UK Bank 

These are the figures from our migration of a major UK bank away from franking machines. We managed the entire migration process and delivered £3.97M to our client.

Before Altus Engagement

Total combined annual cost of franking machine & postage = £12.374M

After Altus Engagement

Total cost of postage = £8.4M

Total savings delivered to client = £3.974M

Case Study 2 – Major UK Retailer 

These are the figures from expert work with a major UK retailer. We migrated this retailer to a new postage solution from franking machines usage. This project delivered £198.8k.

Before Altus Engagement

Total combined annual cost of franking machine & postage = £303k

After Altus Engagement

Total combined annual cost of franking machine & postage = £104.2k

Total savings delivered to client = £198.8k

This Is Where Altus Can Help

Migrating from franking machines to an alternative mailing solution can be a complicated transition. At Altus, we are experts in this transformation, and we will also lead the decommissioning phase and deliver the postage credits back to your organisation.

We specialise in every aspect of your print, postal and courier needs. Why not take advantage of our free 30-minute consultation to discuss with one of our specialists how we help your organisation. We guarantee to add value and deliver significant savings.

To discuss how we can help, please contact us today on 0845 602 7336.

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