When providing our high quality audit, Altus is committed to delivering exceptional client service.

This gives us both an understanding of the existing state of operation and it provides you with insight and transparency. It also means creating value from our audit. Whether you are in the private or public sector, our audit will provide meaningful recommendations that will deliver cost reductions, efficiency improvements and better customer and employee experiences.


Our sector teams provide in-depth knowledge of the industry or sector you operate in. This spectrum of expertise allows us to meet your specific needs and that makes us the leading independent partner for you.

We invest in both our staff and our partners. We ensure that they have the skills and the experience to deliver quality audits across our areas of specialism outlined in our Services. We also demand that they take the time needed to properly understand you and your business. Every business is unique and faces its own specific challenges. By understanding this we are able to deliver exceptional client service.

Our Audit Expertise

Our Audit helps you gain greater insight and transparency, this allows you to move forward with change management.

Much more than just the numbers
It’s about giving insight and transparency into how things are currently performed. Recognising accomplishments and challenges, and helping to assure strong foundations for future aspirations.
Output report and recommendations for your consideration
We provide actionable recommendation for both the short and long-term benefit of your business
Achieving your business goals
We use a pragmatic approach in our design and implementation to transform your business - cost reductions, improved efficiencies, increased customer experience that give you.

Transforming the way you view your print, post and courier landscape to maximise efficiencies through business intelligence.

We’re a leading independent management company. We provide audit, consultancy, Managed Solutions, and procurement services, helping organisations identify opportunities to reduce costs, optimise delivery, and improve management processes and efficiencies.

Looking for help with something in particular?

Print Management

Postal Management

Data Analytics

Customer Contact Data

Direct Mail Specialists

Hybrid & Digital Mail

Document Management

Couriers, Express & Parcels (CEP)

Cost Management


Business Intelligence

E-Commerce Supply Chain Networks

Postal Consultancy

Don’t just take our word, our clients speak volumes.

Steph Field
Head of Group Procurement
DFS appointed Altus for a print & postal services project, and we were delighted with the commitment and dedication of the team. They also helped deliver a significant ROI and I would highly recommend their professional services.
Michael Stevens
Commercial Lead – Corporate Services
Ofsted engaged Altus on several projects during 2020-22 through the Crown Commercial Service frameworks. Altus remained an integral part of the Ofsted team by guiding the transitioning to the new, improved solution. We were delighted with the quality of the work that Altus consistently produced.
Brian Mahady
Finance Director, First Data
I had the privilege of working with the team at Altus as the company reviewed our print & postal costs. They were dedicated professionals demonstrating a high level of integrity. Altus are results-driven, proactive, broad-minded, and well organized. They are an example to consultancy firms. I would highly recommend Gary to anyone anywhere in the world.
Simon Partridge
Director & General Manager, Xerox
The team at Altus has excellent subject matter expertise and are extremely customer-centric in their approach and Gary Sweeney in particular is an absolute team player. He is personable, responsive and provided genuine value in every engagement. When we have required expert advice on print, postal, or couriers, we always turn to Altus.
Dean Smith
Divisional Director, Adare
In order to deliver value to our client base, you need excellent partners. Altus provides this in spades; not only delivering solutions and guidance on legislation but more importantly providing tailored consultancy to help deliver optimised solutions. Gary Sweeney’s knowledge of the print, postal & courier market is second to none.
Frank Robertson
Senior Manager, HBOS
When HBOS wanted to consolidate their print & postal infrastructure and take advantage of new opportunities in the postal market they turned to Altus. We have worked together over several years and they have delivered significant recurring savings for our business.
Alison Matthews
Customer Service Manager, United Utilities
One of the benefits we received from working with Altus was the value they added throughout several procurement exercises. They worked closely with us to secure winning bids and their expertise was a key factor in our success. I would not hesitate in recommending Altus.
Brenda Stevenson
Chairperson, Resolvecall
Resolvecall’s mailing services to customer is at the heart of our business. Although we have an excellent understanding of postal services, we wanted additional expertise to enhance customer benefits so we Altus involved.
Ken Burrell
Head of Procurement & Facilities Management, Allied Irish Bank
It was excellent to be able to work with Altus who are such an enthusiastic, informed and capable supplier. I was delighted with the added value that Altus provided our procurement process and even more delighted with the savings they delivered.
Andrew Hobbs
Supplier Relationship Manager, RSA Group
One of our major suppliers had proposed a change in our processes in the area of postal management. We asked Altus to provide an independent assessment and their approach was professional, rigorous and thorough. Their unique knowledge and skills have been invaluable to our business.
Gordon Samson
Managing Director, Williams Lea Tag
One of our major suppliers had proposed a change in our processes in the area of postal management. We asked Altus to provide an independent assessment and their approach was professional, rigorous and thorough. Their unique knowledge and skills have been invaluable to our business.
Cara Murphy
Senior Manager, Lloyds Banking Group
The overall cost effectiveness and efficiency of our operation improved considerably thanks to the involvement of the Altus management team. It was a pleasure working with such motivated and knowledgeable consultants.

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