How Altus is Supporting the Public Sector with Postal Optimisation

Gary Sweeney
Gary Sweeney


Altus are the sole supplier of the public sector framework issued by the Crown Commercial Service (CCS). This framework covers all postal goods, services and solutions for government agencies and public sector organisations. Our role in this? To provide Audits, Efficiency Reviews, and Niche Consultancy across public sector postal spending. We’re excited to work with public sector organisations and suppliers to produce real savings within budgets, freeing up funds for other projects, especially in this new world that we find ourselves in.

The Framework

RM6017 – Postal Goods, Services and Solutions

This framework is open to all UK public sector organisations, including central government departments and their agencies, the wider public sector and the third sector. Altus was appointed the sole supplier of Lot 5: Audits, Efficiency Reviews, and Niche Consultancy. This means that any public sector organisation can use our professional services to reduce spending on postal costs.

If you work in one of these organisations, get in touch with us today on 0845 602 7336 to find out how we can help you maximise your budget.

Maximising Your Postal Budget – What We Can Do

We offer independent efficiency reviews, impartial audits and niche consultancy across the postal category to ensure that the optimum solution is in place and if it isn’t, we’ll be able to provide a clear roadmap for optimisation. We solely work on our client’s behalf on a range of mailroom equipment, inbound and outbound mail services or more complex solutions for the digital transformation of mail and communications.

Independent Audits Generating Significant Savings

Altus will provide independent, vendor-neutral services to all buyers with a requirement for postal goods, services, and solutions. Our neutrality across the other supplier lots will ensure customers benefit from our experience, market knowledge and expertise.

The Key Benefits for all UK Government and the public sector organisations of engaging Altus:

  • Solely working on your behalf – we’re the only supplier for Lot 5, ensuring that you take advantage of our expertise across all the other Lots on the Framework RM6017.
  • Utilising leading industry experts – we’ve got 16 years of experience in postal optimisation and we’ll ensure you achieve maximum cost reduction.
  • Limited resource from in-house teams – we know that resources are often spread thinly; our team requires minimal involvement to conduct our audits.
  • Contingency-based fees – we are so confident in our ability to add real value and significantly reduce your costs and improve your efficiencies. Our fees are typically based on a model aligned with how much we save you.
  • Exclusively focused – we’re the UK’s only professional services firm dedicated to offering independent print and post strategies & solutions.
  • Incredibly effective – we have achieved outstanding results for our clients, regularly achieving six and seven-figure recurring savings.
  • Completely impartial – we don’t align with any single supplier, our only interest is to offer independent advice, and match your requirements with the optimal solution.
  • Proactive approach – our process ultimately shortens the timescale between strategy and action, and we also design and implement the best-fit solution.
  • Realise hidden savings – we often deliver significant savings in areas that our clients hadn’t asked us to consider.
  • Fees – engaging us will ensure that your organisation achieves the maximum return on investment, and we always offer a commercial model to suit you.

How We Do Postal Optimisation

  • Aggregating buyer requirements for volume discounts, access to zonal and regional pricing, and commercial benefits and savings.
  • Introduce new technologies and innovations to reduce physical mail and integrate paper documents into digital workflows.
  • Increase the security of mail items by using services such as hybrid mail.
  • Reduce overall carbon footprint through digitisation and new energy-efficient equipment and services.
  • Expert support and guidance to help optimise mail processes and achieve savings on their postal service requirements.

We’re ready to help you free up your budgets, let’s get started on your postal spend efficiency today.

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Gary Sweeney

About Gary Sweeney, Managing Director

Gary Sweeney founded Altus in 2003 with the vision of redefining print & postal management. Prior to starting Altus, Gary held senior positions at Royal Mail Group. He is viewed as the leading go-to person for organisations who want to change their print & postal strategies, and cost reduction specialist in the global postal market.

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