Royal Mail and Franking Machine Manufacturers encourage you to upgrade your Standard Machines.

Gary Sweeney
Gary Sweeney
Postal Consultancy

Don’t until you read this.

Royal Mail and the franking machine manufacturers, such as Pitney Bowes, Quadient, and many others, have joined forces to encourage organisations to move now and upgrade Standard Franking Machines (to Mailmark Franking Machines) as the standard machines will be decertified from the 1st of January 2023.

Whilst sending physical post via a franking machine may often meet your needs, we would say this is almost by exception, it is not the rule. Our expertise can show you an alternative to franking your post, and it can be in your interest not to sign on the dotted line by renewing franking machine upgrades or extensions to your contract.

Let’s face it, Royal Mail and all the franking machine manufacturers would want their customers to upgrade. It makes sense for them, but not necessarily you!

In the mind field of franking post – we would give you advice to be careful as it is not always for your benefit.

Franking your post is expensive, payment is upfront, no credit terms, and hidden costs make it more costly than the price of a stamp.

The good news is that our experience can help you decide what is best for you. Here are three things you should consider before upgrading your franking machine estate

  1. Understand the value at stake. Organisations often underestimate the actual cost of using franking machines. To avoid this mistake, procurement and vendor relationship teams should complete a comprehensive, fact-based assessment of the actual costs of sending post via franking machine. This due diligence enables organisations to confidently set an ambitious yet realistic target that reflects the full value potential of communicating via post.
  2. Take time to understand your requirements – don’t just take Royal Mail, Pitney Bowes or Quadient advice to upgrade. Research into how many franking machines your organisation has in its estate is crucial. Take the time to find out how much your organisation spends on franking machines/postage each year? Be careful; there are many hidden costs.
  3. Consider alternatives. Before agreeing with the sales rep to upgrade your franking machines, consider that other credible options maybe suit your organisation’s needs better. These could add value, significantly reduce your costs, and put you on optimum postage rates

At Altus, we are not saying that franking machines aren’t required, although as indicated earlier, it is not the rule – especially if you have a few machines dotted around your organisation.

To give you an indication of the most recent project we did regarding the extraction of the franking machines, please see the case study below (the client would also be willing to have a chat with you):

Case Study – Organisation with several locations

These are the figures from our work with a major UK retailer. We migrated this retailer to a new postage solution from franking machines usage. This project delivered £198.8k of savings.

Before Altus Engagement

Total combined annual cost of franking machine & postage = £303k

After Altus Engagement

Total combined annual cost of franking machine & postage = £104.2k

Total savings delivered to client = £198.8k

Before renewing any franking machine, let’s have a chat.

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