HBOS is a major UK company. The Group provides retail, business, and corporate banking, and insurance and investment services through its multi-brand strategy in the UK and internationally.

About 72,000 people are employed across the Group. HBOS has the biggest private shareholder base in the UK.

HBOS is the UK’s largest mortgage and savings provider and the number one provider of new investment products. The Group is one of the UK’s leading general insurers and has a reputation for excellence in the provision of business banking and corporate finance, delivering innovative funding solutions across a range of markets.


“When HBOS wanted to consolidate their postal infrastructure and take advantage of new opportunities in the postal market they turned to Altus.”

Frank Robertson, Senior Manager

Case Study

The Challenge

Following the merger of Halifax and Bank of Scotland into the HBOS Group, the client engaged Altus to optimise the efficiency of mailing activity across the Group. As a result of the bank’s merger activity, HBOS inherited a fragmented Postal Estate due to legacy systems and processes.
Postage was identified as a major cost. HBOS were looking to gain a clear understanding of the opportunities available, through the opening of the UK postal market to competition, to lower cost
and optimise efficiency.


Altus worked closely with the client to audit their Postal Estate® and understand their mailing footprint. This was mapped and a new best-fit mailing solution designed to optimise access to discounted mailing rates. Altus supplied a suite of Bid Cycle Documentation to support the client’s
procurement teams in sourcing competitive postage rates. Efficiency was optimised and postage costs significantly reduced through the selection and appointment of a licensed mail distribution provider, to manage the injection of transactional mail into the Royal Mail wholesale channel.


Our involvement in working directly with the HBOS Group procurement team significantly reduced the timescales taken to design, source and implement the new mailing solution, delivering savings early on in the process. This proactive tendering exercise secured a lower cost mailing solution, which successfully extracted significant recurring annual savings from the clients mailing infrastructure budget.


  • Speed of implementation.
  • Early delivery of savings.
  • Significant recurring annual saving.
  • Proactive cost management.
  • Assessing and managing competitive
    market rates for postage.
  • Maximising the volume of mail that
    qualifies for discounted postage rates.
  • Continued strong working relationship
    with Altus.