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Gary Sweeney
Gary Sweeney
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There is nothing to lose and much to gain!

The Altus free initial audit allows organisations to gain an understanding of their position and provides the insight of your expenditure which will be benchmarked against other companies of similar size, shape and complexity.

Getting Started on the Free Initial Postal Audit

In conducting the initial audit, the objective is to base-line the current state before considering the future state. To do this, we would need to sign an NDA to allow you to share the M.I. data for your print & postal expenditure. 

A brief chat will advise what data is required and where to source it. The data is concerning supplier spend, products & service, and associated charges. 

On Receipt of the Print & Postal Data

Once Altus receives the print & postal data, we get to work right away. One of our experts will review the expenditure and segment it into various strands, such as supplier services, volume, frequency, and spend – right down to the unit price and compare your rates with others. 

Your data will also be processed through our business intelligence software. The results will determine your position against hundreds of organisations, similar to yours. A high-level report will be produced to give your place in the market, and recommendations to help reduce your costs will also be documented. 

Our Free Data Analysis Will:

  • Expose hidden charges from your supplier.
  • Quickly identify areas to reduce costs. 
  • List quick-win savings – the savings that can be delivered within 3 months. 
  • Highlight over-charges from your supplier. 
  • Identify business-risk you need to be aware of.
  • Reveal opportunities to switch to lower-cost products & services.

Outputs of Our Free Initial Audit Include a:

  • Free online consultation.
  • A one-page summary of initial audit findings with recommendations.
  • Roadmap to print & postal optimisation. 

Ongoing Postal Optimisation Support

Should you wish to engage with Altus to deliver the findings or recommendations, our fee from our services comes directly from the savings we generate for your organisation – so if there are no savings, there are no costs.

Contact Altus today for your free initial audit.

0845 602 7336

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